This Just In: Go Outside

Put on a mask and go seek adventure

I’ve been craving adventure lately. 

While I love working from home and generally avoiding people, there’s only so much stagnation I can take. Something deep down in my genetics connects with my nomadic ancestors — a desire to travel and seek new adventures.

Unfortunately, adventure is hard to come by right now. Once a week I leave the house to work in the office, and on the weekend I go grocery shopping. Beyond that? Life is simple.

This weekend I sought something different. A change of scenery if you will. 

Carla and I drove about an hour outside of Orlando to Wild Florida’s drive-through safari park. In a world where theme parks are at reduced capacity, a self-contained safari is the perfect quarantined adventure. 

Driving through the park with the windows down, listening to the sounds of animals eating grass was exactly what I needed. Something different. Something fun. Something that reminded me there’s a world outside my house.

I don’t know about you, but I rather enjoy the simpler life pandemic living forced us into. It’s quiet and a bit slower. Maybe it’s because I’m an introvert, and avoiding people is my usual speed. Perhaps it’s because, despite loving to travel, I also really like being home. Despite all this, the safari was an excellent and much-needed change of pace. 

We all need to find ways to seek adventure in our lives. Especially right now. Whether it’s a day exploring nature, a walk outside, or something else entirely, do something different than your daily routine.

Not only will your brain appreciate the new stimulation, but it’s also a reminder there’s a world outside our door. A world affected but not shut down by a pandemic. A world where animals eat grass and wander to the nearest shade tree to rest. 

Go outside and find your next adventure.  


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