This Just In: Looking Back At The Year That Was

A collection of things I’m proud of from an otherwise horrible year, plus a look at what’s to come

Hello, friend. Thank you for being a subscriber to what was previously called This Just In by Justin Cox. Today, the newsletter is named Eat Your Words. I’m really excited about the change and explain everything below. Enjoy!

Seventeen days in 2020, my wife and I were in a car accident. So, you can say this year was a dumpster fire from the get-go. While the incident did land me in the hospital, the year wasn’t a total waste. I mean, I did unexpectedly appear in the Pete Souza documentary, The Way I See It.

As Danny Forest explains, everyone should do a year-end review, even if the year sucked. Taking his advice, here are a few things I’m incredibly proud of from 2020:

Various Stories

While I wrote several unique stories in 2020, a few stand out. I shared my choice for growth over fear with P.S. I Love You and some friendly advice from Ferris Bueller. For The Startup, I reviewed the new M1 Mac mini. In The Writing Cooperative, I doubled-down on investing in yourselfunlocking creativity, and winning the day.

Write Now

This year I published 37 new Write Now interviews. These include a Marvel writer (Charles Soule), a PEN/Open Book Award Winner (Faith Adiele), a mother-daughter duo (Lan Cao and Margaret Van Cao), and a YA author and literary agent (Eric Smith). 

In addition to what was published this year, several exciting interviews are already lined up for 2021. Get ready for features from the highly requested Zulie Rane and the creator of morning pages, Julia Cameron!

Expanding The Writing Cooperative

2020 was a good year for The Writing Cooperative. In January, we launched a Facebook Group that now has over 2,000 members. June saw the launch of This Week In Writing, our first attempt at a podcast that included 20 episodes in the first season. We also added a weekly newsletter by the same name providing support and encouragement right to people’s inbox. 

Out of all the things we added to The Writing Cooperative this year, I’m most proud of converting my Medium primer, So, You’re New To Medium…, into an eBook course.

Next year, Jessica Jungton and I are launching a massive update to our Patreon, including some new features and perks for our supporters. Stay tuned!

Announcing Eat Your Words

Eat Your Words is an idiom meaning to take back what you’ve said. For me, the phrase combines my two favorite things: eating and writing. This month, I started a freelance writing company and monthly newsletter named Eat Your Words.

Freelance Writing

Hungry for engaging content that drives sales?

For nearly two decades, I’ve written every type of content imaginable. Web copy, technical manuals, newsletters, articles, product descriptions, podcast scripts — you name the content, and I’ll provide the experience.

When I create content for your business, you’ll never need to Eat Your Words. Instead, I’ll leverage my experience building an audience of over 60,000 newsletter subscribers and 220,000 Medium publication followers for The Writing Cooperative to ensure your content truly shines. 

I'll bring all of this experience to your project. Ready to discuss how I can support your vision? Let’s get in touch. Want to learn more? Visit my website.


The Eat Your Words newsletter brings the main course of writing and creativity advice with a side dish of featured meals and recipes. It’s the best of both worlds, delivered right to your inbox.

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I’m making this change to value my paying subscribers and ensure they are the priority for all content moving forward. Free subscribers will continue to have access to everything previously published and occasional free emails. Though, the vast majority of all content published here on Substack will be for subscribers.

If you’re not already paying for a subscription, upgrade today and save 50% off the annual fee. Forever! To lock in the special rate, simply sign up before the end of 2020. There’s no code necessary.

As we prepare to start a new year (and, technically, a new decade), I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. Wash your hands. Wear a mask.

Stay hungry.