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I’m Justin Cox, a professional writer and community developer living in Orlando, FL. I also co-founded The Writing Cooperative, a global writing community. My newsletter explores the intersection of creativity and community.

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Writer’s Lazy-Assed Work Avoidance

One of my favorite projects is Write Now, an interview series with people who make a living writing. I’ve interviewed dozens of writers and love sharing their advice with the world. Some Write Now interviews are scheduled months before publishing. Newsletter subscribers receive previews and advice before anyone else!

For the very first edition of Write Now, I interviewed Andy Weir. Before writing The Martian and Artemis, Andy was a software engineer. When asked about writer’s block, Andy dropped a gem of advice:

No, my main problem isn’t writer’s block, it’s “writer’s lazy-assed work avoidance”. Sitting down and actually doing the work is hard and sometimes requires a huge amount of effort. So the biggest challenge for me isn’t coming up with the ideas, it’s forcing myself to sit down and do the work.

This relates. Having ideas is one thing but sitting down and finding the time? That’s hard. Yet that’s what we do, right? I know when I have an idea in my head, it wants to get out. It’s up to me to find time to free the idea.

I don’t know what project you’re working on but are you giving it the time you need? Or are you giving into writer’s lazy-assed work avoidance? Find the time, even if it’s only five minutes, and create. Your brain will thank you!

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